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Component Mechanical Seal - Stationary, Balanced

  Type 201

   DIN 24960

    Hastelloy C / Incolloy rolled bellows

    Alternatively with PTFE O-rings

    For temperatures up to 240 °C (460 °F) and 20 bar (300 PSI) pressure 

    Ideal for hot water and chemical applications

    For media containing solid materials








Convincing Arguments!

All stationary mechanical seals from DEPAC are balanced.

Lower face friction means less wear and longer life with all its advantages.

Whatever the pump, DEPAC mechanical seals offer far better performance and reliability for all the design versions illustrated. The results are user-friendly and cost-effective sealing solutions for even critical applications such as hot water or media containing abrasives or other solid matter.

Put an end to sleeve wear and short seal life caused by dynamic, unbalanced  mechanical seals. Install DEPAC stationary seals!


To prevent the mechanical seal from slipping on the shaft or sleeve at operating pressures above 15 bar (225 PSI), DEPAC recommends drilling the shaft or sleeve where the set screws are to be tightened as a general precaution.
The mechanical seals with mounting dimensions and length dimensions produced specially for DIN 24960 can also be used of course with matching DEPAC adapters or glands in all other stuffing boxes. However you will need to check the related dimensions of your equipment.